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mini-REFPROP - version Refprop for Windows

Refprop Matlab Download For Windows Mar 22, 2019 How can I get the fluid properties from REFPROP? How can I load the dataset from REFPROP into matlab? Mar 22, 2019 I need to download the new version of REFPROP Do you have any link or website so i can update the reference prop with the latest version of the database? Mar 23, 2019 I have downloaded the new version of the database but it doesn't work. I am using Windows 8.1 and 64 Bit. Which version of Matlab should be used? Mar 23, 2019 Dear! I would need to check whether you have the correct version of REFPROP downloaded. For 64bit Windows, the version you would need is Please try installing this version and come back to us if you are facing any error or problem. I am using Windows 10 and 64-bit version. version. Which version of Matlab should be used? Mar 23, 2019 Dear, You need to download the 64bit version of from the given below link and run it. If you have any problem you can again contact me to solve this issue. Mar 23, 2019 Yes, same to you. I have downloaded package and install it in C:/Refprop-1.6.0. But, I get this error: REFPROP: error: unable to locate REFPROP {'SHLIB_PATH'} in refprop library path. Any solution for this error? I checked whether.exe present in the REFPROP directory in C:/Refprop-1.6.0, but i don't see any. Any guidance? Please help. Thank you Mar 23, 2019 Dear, I have the same problem, I have tested in my computer and using Win7 64bit, and REFPROP installed correctly. But I get: REFPROP: error: the specified file could not be found. The file may not be accessible, or you may not have the necessary permission to read or write to My current approach is: open the folder where I want to create the files (F:\Git\Alpha) create a new folder (F:\Git\Alpha\Beta) move the downloaded files I want to put in this folder to F:\Git\Alpha\Beta execute the following batch file: @echo off REM This program is part of ENIGMA's embedded thermodynamically- based flow solver . REM The GNU General Public License (GPL) for this software can be found at . REM The complete version of this program can be obtained for free from the following link: . REM The license can be further applied to other software if needed. REM *********************************************************************************** REM * REM * The following program is part of ENIGMA's embedded thermodynamically-based flow solver. REM * It is free for download and use; however, if the program is modified or used REM * to calculate flow data for any physical, chemical, or other process then REM * it must be mentioned that it was modified by: REM * REM * a. REM * b. REM * c. REM * d. REM * e. REM * f. REM * g. REM * h. REM * i. REM * j. REM * k. REM * l. REM *********************************************************************************** REM REM This program files to REM $OutDir$\REFPROP10.exe REM REM where the $OutDir$ is specified in the REM $UseEnigmaEnv$ = 0 REM REM REM The program is written in C and is a console application. REM The program does the following at start up: REM REM 1. Set the directory where the output files will be stored: REM REM 2. Save the file names of the output directories: REM REM 3. The following files are created: REM 1cb139a0ed

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